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Sexy election ad angers opposition

by at 09/11/2011 17:01


Repeating the actions shown in a United Russia “Let’s Do It Together” election advert could leave voters with a hefty fine to pay, as reports say that the actions in video shows could be classified as a constitutional violation and hooliganism in the voting booth.

‘Let’s do it together’

The video, which attracted almost 10,000 hits on YouTube, shows a girl walking into a polling station and receiving a ballot. On the way to the voting booth she eyes a young man whom she pulls into the booth (apparently, they will both vote for United Russia).

After a while the young people walk out of the stall, smoothing down their hair and straightening their clothes. Then the guy and the girl drop the ballots into the ballot box and leave together holding hands.

Just Russia appealed to the Prosecutor’s General Office, complaining about the video, which is aimed at attracting young people’s votes.

Deputy Chairman of the Security Committee and A Just Russia member Gennady Gudkov said the party sent a note to the prosecutors over United Russia’s video, Izvestia reported.

Gudkov is sure that if examined properly, the authors could incur fines or even criminal charges.

Do not attempt this at home

Gudkov, however, is offended not by the erotic overtones.

“United Russia’s spin doctors are, in fact, calling for constitutional violations in their advertising. United Russia forgot that voting in Russia is secret,” he said. By law, a person who puts the ballot in the box must be completely alone in the booth, he said.

The Interior Ministry confirmed that attempting to repeat what is shown in the video in real life is not recommended as it will be regarded as hooliganism, NewsRu.com reported.

And if a two or more people vote in this manner by prior agreement, the penalty for them will be from 500,000 to 1 million rubles.

‘It’s just a bit of fun’

Representatives of the ruling party responded by saying that there is nothing reprehensible in the video and it is just “a laugh.”

United Russia said that the team headed by first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy and former Nashi press-secretary, Robert Shlegel produced the video.

“He has not warned us about anything,” the United Russia election headquarters spokesperson told Izvestia. “Even after the video was released online, he said it was just a bit of fun.” Shlegel himself has refused to confirm his authorship, but approved the general idea. “The Internet is a very competitive environment,” he told the daily. “So here we have to be creative. These videos are easy to understand for young people and are suitable for the Internet.”

Among the viral videos produced by the party are, for example, are a video from a polar bear in the metro.

Other advertising by the party also raised concerns when their posters were deemed almost identical to the general election posters around Moscow.


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